Mayor Has Submitted Veto of City Councils Decision Not to Pass the Armory Plan without a CBA

Call your City Council Members and thank them for opposing a development deal that was bad for the Bronx and NYC!

Don’t let the Mayor override this historic City Council decision which could pave the way for responsible development in NYC.

Find out who your City Council representative is at:

Speaker Christine Quinn:
(212) 788-7210
Ask to speak with Ramon Martinez or ask to leave a message for the speaker.

Tony Avella (chair of the Land Use Subcommittee)



Oliver Koppell
718-549-7300 (district)
212-788-7080 (city hall)
Ask to speak directly with Koppell or with Arlene

Larry Seabrook:
District Office Phone: 718-994-9900
212-788-6873 city hall
Ask to speak directly with Mr. Seabrook

Maria del Carmen Arroyo
District Office Phone: 718-402-6130
212-788-7384 city hall
Ask to speak with Ms Arroyo or with Joanne, her Chief of Staff

Helen Foster
District Office Phone
; 718-588-7500
212-788-6856 city hall
Ask to Speak with Foster or her Chief of Staff Jim Faibanks

Annabel Palma
District Office Phone
: 718-792-1140
212-788-6853 city hall
Ask to Speak to Annabel Palma or to Megan Lynch, her Chief of Staff or Jeffrey Lauffer, her legislative aide.

Joel Rivera
District Office Phone
: 718-842-8100
212-788-6966 city hall
Ask to speak with Joel Rivera or Albert Alvarez, his Chief of Staff

James Vacca
District Office Phone
: 718-931-1721
212-788-7375 city hall
Ask to speak with James Vacca or with Jeff Lynch his Chief of Staff

Fernando Cabrera: