How can I be involved in the planning of my community?

Get in touch with organizations that empower New Yorkers to play an active role in the planning and development of their communities:

Comprised of community, environmental and professional groups, The Campaign for Community Based Planning was founded on the belief that the people who work and live in a neighborhood have the best understanding of the needs of the community and are most equipped for planning its future. They are currently making policy recommendations to City Council for community-based planning initiatives.

The Pratt Center encourages and provides information for communities to develop their own idea of what their city should look like.  They bring together residents, business owners, and community organizations to work with urban planners to develop ideas and create plans for the preservation and strengthening of New York City neighborhoods.

How can I take part in protecting the historic resources in my neighborhood?

The Historic Districts Council advocates on behalf of New Yorkers and works with community groups seeking to protect their neighborhood via historic designation or zoning.