Is your neighborhood undergoing a rezoning?  Has the City announced a potential rezoning for your area?  Has your community board voted against a rezoning or in favor of it with specific conditions?

Whether it’s an actual rezoning or drastic changes to the types of business and new housing developments in your neighborhood, screening the film Rezoning Harlem can be a powerful way to bring your community together to learn about the process and strategize on next steps.


Use Rezoning Harlem as a tool to unite and educate.  Here are some suggestions for ways in which to screen the film:

  • Invite community members to your local community center where the film can be screened to kick start a discussion with local activists about rezoning/development issues in your neighborhood.
  • Ask your community board to screen the film before or after one of the monthly meetings. This is a great opportunity to get board members to discuss how they can begin taking measures to participate in the planning of their community.
  • Suggest a screening to any local grassroots organization working in your area to preserve and organize for more affordable housing.
  • Host a screening in your living room! Invite friends and family over to discuss how they can become active in their community. Viewing the film in a more intimate setting can provide a safe space for those who are not accustomed to being active in the community.

We created the Rezoning Harlem Screening Kit to give individuals and organizations an easy to use tool to share the film with their local communities.

The Rezoning Harlem Screening Kit includes all the tools necessary to host a successful event:

  • One Rezoning Harlem DVD or Digital Download
  • Community screening License to publicly exhibit the film
  • Social media graphics to help promote the event
  • Customizable E-Flyer
  • Full Sized Film Poster


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